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Affordable and efficient, we make sure your property look at its finest. All repair services are color & texture match.


Protect and beautify your concrete foundation walls with parging. We provide repair services for crumbling pargings.

Parging Repair

Basement walls and foundations can be fortified with parging. If your parging is crumbling and falling apart, we can help.

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Professional Parging Contractor in Edmonton

Solida Construction has been helping homeowners, builders, contractors, developers and property managers throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas for many years with parging and stucco repair projects. It is our mission to provide best results for your building’s exterior cladding system. We offer our services for various stucco and parging projects throughout central Alberta. 

Located in Edmonton, Solida Construction is a parging and stucco contractor offering exterior coating services for both residential and commercial properties. No job is too small or too big for us. We only use top quality materials from reputable suppliers which helps provide better results for your project. Solida Construction offers free estimates for stucco, parging and repair projects in greater Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Parging Installation

Foundation walls without proper parging, also known as basement walls on houses, office buildings, apartment complexes are susceptible to various hazards. Furthermore, considering Edmonton’s weather, the walls start to crumble and get cracks in time. These cracks can seem unimportant at first, over time they cause major problems such as water leakage into the basement. Damages on parging and concrete should be taken seriously and require immediate repair.

Parging is a thin coating of material which is particularly useful for concrete foundation and basement walls. It’s an efficient way to cover and strengthen an otherwise fragile surface. Contrary to common belief, concrete walls require protection with the proper parging mix. Parge coat protects the cement and concrete against various external factors and hazards. If needed, flashings and membrane tapes will be applied for additional water control. Then, depending on the clients’ wishes and needs, we will install a textured layer or acrylic coat. Finished look will not only transform the aesthetics of the building and the foundation, but will also provide an excellent protection and water control for many years.

Parging Repair

.If you have noticed that your parging coat is falling apart, chipping away or crumbling, it’s a good idea to start considering a parging repair service. If left unattended, even simple hairline cracks can simply turn into a deep crack. When the water gets in and freezes due to seasonal conditions, it slowly hurts the parging mix and cause it to fall apart further. If the condition is severe and large sections are chipping off, a parging removal and renewal is recommended. You can check our parging repair Edmonton work.

Over the last decade, many foundations on residential homes and commercial buildings have a new system called ICF (insulated concrete forms). This system insulates the concrete with foam and by default, foams are not resistant to dirt, ice, water and wind long term. We offer our ICF parging services and provide various textures and designs.

Parging installation and repair services are more affordable compared to other coating and wall systems. We provide free estimating and can start the work right away on the given scheduled date. Contact us for your free estimate today.

Stucco Repair Services in Edmonton

Due to external factors or negligence while installing, stucco might have problems that require repairs. With our expertise, we can easily solve your stucco related problems. Whether it’s water leakage, damaged walls or color fades, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best results. We offer the following stucco repair services in Edmonton and surrounding areas;

  • California Style (Cement Stucco) Stucco Texture & Color Match
  • Water Leakage & Moisture Damage Repairs
  • Acrylic Stucco Repair
  • Stone Dash Stucco Repair
  • Cracks in Stucco
  • Blistering and Bubbling on Stucco
  • Woodpecker Damage Repair
  • Stucco Painting

If the damage is too serious for a stucco repair service, we highly recommend our restoration and stucco retrofitting services. Retrofitting will not only get rid of the existing issues, it will also provide your building’s exterior with a fresh stucco application with all the benefits. Additionally, retrofitting is an convenient and affordable way for older buildings to have a fresh look while gaining protection and attraction. Contact us today for your free estimate today.

EIFS Stucco

Stucco is proven to be one of the best exterior wall systems. Adding immense benefits to homes and buildings alike, it also provides incredible aesthetics with unlimited design and color possibilities. With the rising popularity of EIFS over the last decade -a wall system with foam insulation and water-resistive barrier layer with acrylic finish coat- it’s easily possible to achieve amazing looks with complete protection in harsh Canadian winters. 

The advantages that EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) offers include but not limited to;

  • Amazing energy efficiency and R-value by providing complete control of air, moisture and heat.
  • Lifetime durability, highly resistant to cracks, fading and dirt. 
  • Ability to absorb building movement and expansion due to temperature.
  • Can be fashioned into any design and shape with over 100+ colors to choose from.
  • Complete prevention of water and insects.
  • Resistance against fire.
Every building can benefit from EIFS immensely. Whether you are building a house or thinking about changing the look of your property, we encourage you to surf throughout our website or give us a call to understand the process and benefits of stucco applications better. EIFS consists of several layers;
  • Flashing installations with EIFS membranes on building’s substrate.
  • A water/air resistive barrier that covers the substrate.
  • EPS (expanded polystyrene) application on water-resistive barrier with vertically notched adhesive. 
  • Basecoat application reinforced with glass-fiber mesh.
  • Skim coat to level out the surface.
  • A coat of primer to act as an additional water/air protective layer and additional adhesive for the finish coat.
  • An acrylic crack-resistant finish coat with co-polymer technology.

Our Suppliers

Working with variety of suppliers and manufacturers ensure that we deliver the best results. Every project is unique and requires a different approach.
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Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Parging is a coating that consists of Portland-cement, sand and water. This parge coating is applied on the visible portion of your home’s foundation walls. It provides aesthetic appeal while offering a protective layer for your foundation.

Parging protects your home or building’s foundation against elements such as weather. In time, weather elements slowly deteriorates the foundation walls and cause them to crumble and fall apart. Parging acts as a protective layer and deflects the hazardous elements.  

Parging not only provides an aesthetic appeal to your home, but it also provides protection for your foundation walls against weather conditions whether it is concrete, wood or masonry based walls. 

Parging offers insulation though minimal against weather conditions. It also prevents insects and other animals from nesting inside.  

Contrary to common belief poured concrete walls are weak against weather elements such as snow, rain and wind. Parging offers an additional layer of protection against these hazardous elements and is needed for any type of foundation walls whether they are wooden, poured concrete or ICF walls.

Parging is not considered a DIY project, however with the right tools, material and experience it can be done. If you feel comfortable using trowels and mixture of sand based cement, you can apply the parge coat and the texture.

Generally speaking however, parging cannot be done by majority of people due to lack of experience. What is recommended is that you can fix the small cracks and apply little patches by yourself by purchasing pre-made parge mix at a store.

There are few number of reasons why a parging falls off. A poor workmanship while applying the parge coat is one of the reasons. Parging should be pressed onto the foundation walls with a trowel and it requires a certain amount of thickness for it to be strong. Additionally, poorly prepared parging mix can be another reason why a parging falls off. A good ratio between sand, cement and water is a necessity when preparing the parge mix. 

Moreover, if the weather conditions are bad when applying the parging coat, it is doomed to fail later. A certain degree of good weather is needed when applying parging. Therefore, inexperience and poor workmanship are the leading causes of why a parging fails and falls off.

Parging itself is not a waterproofing system that keeps the water out, however it offers immense benefits for water control. It is especially useful for membrane and other waterproofing systems that lies underneath the parge coat. Just like stucco, parging does not keep the water out however controls it. 

Considering Edmonton’s weather conditions, parging season is between mid-April and October where the temperatures allow the parge coat to dry nicely and timely. At least 48 hours should be given for parging mix to dry and stick to the foundation walls.

There are few alternatives to parging. Though more costly, these alternatives can beautify the foundation walls while offering same benefits and protection as parging.

  • Acrylic Smooth Finish Coat

Acrylic finish coat system -commonly known as EIFS- can be applied on the foundation walls. This system offers the benefits of choosing over 100 different colors. It provides water control, insulation and appeal to foundation walls.

  • Masonry

Masonry systems such as; brick, cultured stone or block walls can be installed instead of parging. These systems are more costly however, it beautifies the walls while offering insulation. 

Most people use portland-cement and sand for parging. However, it is crucial to apply concrete adhesive bonding prior to applying parge coat onto the foundation walls so that the parging sticks better on to the surface. 

Additionally, a good practice is to apply fiberglass mesh embedded in parge coat so that it provides the much needed flexibility against weather conditions.

As a good rule of thumb, the parge coat should be applied in 2 different coatings. Each between 1/16″ to 1/8″. Second coat should be embedded in fiberglass mesh so that it provides flexibility and durability to the parging.

Then the texture can be applied for beautification and aesthetic appeal purposes while offering additional protection against weather elements.

Depending on the thickness of the parge coat, it is a good practice to allow it to harden in 24 to 48 hours. Parging will take at least 2 days to cure and settle.

You can paint the parging with the proper masonry-based or stucco paint however, it’s not a good idea. 

Parging protects the foundation walls which are on the lower part of a building or a home and foundation walls embrace the dirt, snow, ice and rain. Over time, the paint will chip away while chemicals inside eating away into the parging, leaving it vulnerable against weather conditions.

Concrete foundation itself will expand and shrink due to temperature and building shifts are regular therefore small hairline cracks in your parging is nothing to worry about.

Absolutely. The parging can be washed after it settles and cures. You can wash your parging to clean it from dirt.

No, it is not. Smooth parging is the texture that is different than skip-trowel texture and is needed to be floated. The acrylic parging uses acrylic finish coat as the textured layer. Although both systems require floating, the look and interior layers are different.


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