Basement Walls Parging


Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial property, new or old, parging provides two crucial advantages for the well-being of a building. First advantage is that a parge coat provides excellent protection and insulation. A correctly installed parging shields the basement walls from rain, ice, snow, dirt and mould while providing an extra layer of insulation to interior. Secondly, it provides an aesthetic value. Covering the exposed foundation concrete in a beautiful layer with the preferred texture and style, parging provides a facelift that many buildings desperately need.

Poured Concrete Foundation Parging

Poured concrete foundations may seem extremely durable and strong at first glance, however, that’s not the case. With the ground and dirt’s acidic levels slowly building into concrete, foundations slowly lose the strength, causing it to crumble and fall apart over time. Parging provides a defensive line that can easily avoid this while providing extra insulation and aesthetic value. If left unattended, structural damage over time can easily cause water leaks into your basement walls, causing in huge financial liabilities.

Block Concrete Foundation Parging

At this age and day, it’s harder to see a block concrete foundation. Although, it’s as strong as poured concrete foundation, due to weather conditions in Edmonton, Alberta the blocks tend to be weaker against the expansion and shrinkage caused by seasonal temperature changes. That is why it’s critical to have a parging on this type of foundations. A parge coat can protect the weak mortar lines between blocks and provide a shield against external elements.

Foundation Walls Parging

Although it’s strongly recommended to have a protective parge coat on any foundation walls, parging is an excellent choice for any concrete walls. Whether it’s a garage entrance or concrete columns supporting lights, a parge coat will protect the concrete against many hazards.

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Cement Foundation Parge

Cement is not as strong as it seems. Although very durable and strong compared to many other cladding and structural materials, they also are a victim of nature and decline over time. A correctly mixed parge coat will consist sand, portland cement and adhesive to combat nature’s impact and will form a defensive barrier.

How to Parge Basement Walls?

For many people, parging might seem like a decorative add-on only. However, it plays a crucial part in protecting foundations and concrete walls. If you are in need of a parging repair or simply wish to have a new parge coat, you can contact us and get your a estimate.



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