Can You Paint the Parging?

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Short answer; you definitely can, but you shouldn’t. Assuming that the concrete foundation is grinded and rasped to the perfection (which is feat in itself already) the paint will only serve as a decorative purpose. Not only that, it will start chipping away and peeling off soon enough. Considering that we live in Alberta, Canada, the weather conditions will not be kind no matter what kind of paint that you choose to use.

A professionally mixed and installed parge coat not only provides aesthetic value but it also provides excellent protection for the foundation against various external hazards and factors. Parging is breathable and can stand the expansion and shrinkage caused by seasonal and temperature changes for a long time. Though it’s not exactly a waterproof system, it also provides protection against potential leakages if the necessary parts are sealed properly prior to parging installation.

Why Shouldn’t You Paint the Concrete Foundation?

You have few options while choosing the paint. You can either go acrylic (latex) based paints, or masonry type paints. However, even if you rasp, wash the concrete walls and apply primer prior to painting, the external factors such as ice, water, wind and dirt will slowly chip away the paint and cause blistering and bubbling on the surface.

Additionally, even though the majority of paint models are breathable, they do not possess the ability the process moisture and water, meaning that the water will get trapped behind the paint and slowly eat into the foundation.

Parging vs. Painting

A parging coat provides complete protection against external factors and elements. It’s a mixture of sand, cement and adhesive ingredients and act as a barrier to shield your foundation. Comes in different textures and colors, when applied correctly a parge can stay strong on your basement walls for a lifetime unlike the paint which will start blistering and chipping away after a seasonal change. Therefore, painting the foundation is not a viable parging alternative.

We recommend talking to a professional parging expert in regards to your needs and requirements. For more information, feel free to give us a call or head over to our contact page for more information. Located in Edmonton, we provide parging & stucco & repair services throughout the province.



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