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How Much Does Stucco Cost?

As a reputable stucco contractor in Edmonton, it is our core belief that our clients should be well informed about various stucco wall siding systems and stucco repair services. If you live in Edmonton you probably realized the amount of stucco homes and buildings that exist in the city. Stucco as an exterior wall system is not only popular in the city, but throughout Alberta. In this report, we will be discussing different stucco systems that are available and the average cost of installing. Continue reading to learn more about how a stucco wall siding system can benefit your property and your financials in the long run. For any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at info@solidacon.com or call us at  (587) 991-8422 and we will do our utmost to answer every question that you may have.

Cost of stucco in Edmonton
Stucco repair cost in Edmonton
how much does stucco cost in Edmonton

Stucco is an excellent wall cladding system that offers many benefits. It can be installed in various styles and have two (2) main systems that are very different from one another. The cement plaster stucco, commonly known as California finish stucco, has been quite popular in Edmonton and Alberta in general between 1960s and 2000s. However, in 2000s there has been a shift in the stucco industry towards the more efficient and protective system, namely EIFS. Offering better benefits, the EIFS stucco system gained huge popularity throughout the province and heading towards to be the sole stucco system in all Alberta.

Cost of EIFS Stucco

In the 2000s, there has been a shift in the stucco industry in relatively cold areas. Originating from Northern Europe, the EIFS (Exterior Insuation and Finish Sytems) took over the plastering market by a storm in Canada. Though the cement plaster stucco is still popular in provinces like British Columbia, especially in cities such as Kelowna, Vernon, Vancouver where the weather is relatively warm, the EIFS became to main stucco application in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba due to its amazing benefits and advantages in energy performance, insulation efficiency and aesthetic options.

Like most wall cladding systems, EIFS is priced based on the square foot. Generally, price of stucco is between $8.00 to $13.00. The pricing may vary depending on the size, design, and the complexity of the project. Usually, scaffolding and parging is included in the pricing. To learn more about EIFS stucco and its benefits compared to other wall cladding systems, give us a call at (587) 991-8422.

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Cost of California Finish Stucco

Stucco is priced based on the square foot amount of applicable surface. Cement plaster stucco generally costs between $6.00 to $10.00 per square foot to install. Depending on the size of the project, details and required installation process the prices may vary. Since California finish stucco is a system that requires a three coat installation process, the material cost is relatively cheaper than EIFS. After laying a metal lathe around the walls where stucco will be installed, a scratch coat of cement mix is applied. This coat acts as a base for the next layer, which is a very thick layer consisting of cement mix. This second layer of cement mix levels out the surface and adheres the stucco to the walls for decades to come. Finally, depending on the building drawing’s specifications or client’s wishes, a texture of finish coat is applied. The finish coat of the stucco can vary from California finish texture to acrylic finish.

Unless you own a property which requires minimal insulation such as a warehouse, storage, barns etc., we do not recommend cement plaster stucco for newly built homes and properties. Due to the weather conditions in Alberta, walls shrink and expand between summer and winter. The second layer of cement plaster stucco is extremely hard and durable and cannot withstand expansion pressure caused by the temperature change. In years, cracks and blisters start to appear which can easily lead to water damage, mold, rot and interior damage. It’s the main reason why this stucco system lost popularity to the EIFS. However, if the interior of the building is not covered by water pipes, thermo insulation and heating systems like in residential homes, cement plaster stucco can be viable option for many properties and will easily last a lifetime. If you are suffering from various stucco damages, we will be discussing the costs of stucco repairs further down in this report.

Cost of Stucco Repair

Due to various external or internal reasons, your home or building might be suffering from various stucco damages. From simple hairline cracks in stucco to serious water damage, our repair services cover a wide range of stucco and stucco related repairs. Most repair services usually cost between $300-$2000, however if the damage is too great we recommend retrofit or stucco restoration (partial or complete) services. 

Pricing on these services vary greatly. Even though most of the time, pictures taken with a smartphone or camera of the damage are sufficient enough to provide appropriate pricing, sometimes we need to come in and take a look to assess the nature of the damage. Stucco’s acrylic finish coat offers many benefits, however also hides various problems that goes on underneath. We know where to look and figure out the problem thanks to many years of experience and countless projects. If you think that your stucco has a problem but cannot identify it, we offer free estimate for every project.

We offer following stucco repair services;

  • Stucco Color and Texture Match 
  • Water Leakages and Moisture Damage
  • Acrylic Stucco Repair
  • Stone Dash Stucco 
  • Stucco Cracks
  • Blistering and Bubbling in Stucco
  • Woodpecker Damage
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Cost of Stucco Retrofit

There are few reasons to take stucco retrofitting into consideration. The damage on and/or in your walls might be too great or your building might need a facelift for aesthetic and financial reasons. If the stucco painting is not a viable and efficient option, retrofit can fix the problems while providing excellent aesthetic results. For older buildings and homes, retrofitting your wall surface with stucco is an affordable way to have fresh acrylic stucco look while benefiting from same advantages of a new stucco installation.

Retrofitting is a process that involves basecoat, skim coat, and finish coat of the original stucco process. It usually costs between $4 and $10 depending on the project. With retrofit, wall surface is leveled for blistering surfaces, a fresh coat of finish coat with a preferred color provides aesthetic advantage and fixes most of the repair needs. (excluding major water damage)

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