Stucco and Parging Repair
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Stucco & Parging Repair in Morinville, Alberta

Due to various reasons, you might have noticed that the protective parge coat around your concrete foundation walls might be crumbling or falling off. It could be because of snow, ice, rain or dirt – or simply, due to poor workmanship and wrong installation.

Concrete walls are vulnerable when they are exposed for too long. Cracks start appearing and eventually could lead to water leaks into the basement causing financial liabilities. 

We offer all kinds of parging & parging repair services in Morinville, Alberta. All our estimates are completely free.

Additionally, we offer stucco repair services. If you are suffering from stucco water damage, woodpecker & stucco eating birds damage, hole damage, cracks we can easily help and satisfy your needs. Moreover, our services are fully color & texture match, includes chimney repair, acrylic stucco repair, california style, cement plaster repair and caulking.

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