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Stucco & Parging Repair Services in Camrose

Parging is an excellent way to fill cracks and holes and repair water damage. It consists of a coat of polymeric mortar applied with a trowel and pressed into concrete foundation walls. It protects the walls against various damages and leaks caused by rain, snow, ice and dirt. Moreover, parge provides aesthetic appeal to your home or property.

To protect your concrete foundation walls against aforementioned hazards, you can trust our skilled and experienced hands to satisfy all your parging installation and parging repair needs in Camrose, Alberta.

Cost of parging is relatively cheap compared to any other wall cladding systems while offering better benefits. It’s a skilled trade and we are extremely confident in our ability to provide you with amazing results. No matter what, the parge will stay strong for a long time, saving you from huge potential costs and repairs.

Additionally, we offer stucco repair services. If your stucco is leaking or crumbling, or simply fading away, you can take advantage of our free estimates to get a free quote.

Services we offer include but not limited to;

– Texture & color match

– Acrylic stucco repair

– Chimney repair

– Parging Install & Repair

– Woodpecker, bird damage stucco repair


– Waterproofing

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