Stucco and Parging Repair
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Drayton Valley, Alberta

Stucco & Parging Repair in Drayton Valley

Drayton Valley’s intense weather cycles of summer and winter cause constant pressure on the foundation walls. Hence, cracks appear and causing potential water damage inside the building over time. If unattended, these cracks could lead to serious damage and become a heavy financial liability. To prevent these, you can trust our team of professionals with many years and projects to their name to provide you with an excellent parging job. We are perfectionists, and will take every step to ensure that your building foundation is completely protected and gain an extra level of aesthetic appeal in Drayton Valley, Alberta.

If you own a home or a property and realized that your parging has cracks or simply falling off all around, it’s a serious sign that your parge requires repairs. Concrete walls are vulnerable to external hazards and without proper protection, it might cause water leaks to basements in time. We offer free estimates for all projects. To get your free quote, call us at (587) 991 8422 or email us at

Moreover, we offer stucco repair services. If you have cracks, holes, water damage or bird damage on your stucco, we will be more than happy to satisfy all your needs.

Services we offer;

-Parging install

Parging repair

Color & texture match


-Woodpecker, bird damage repair

-Water damage repair

-Chimney repair


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