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Parging is an efficient way to cover cracks, fix water damage and fill holes. It’s a thin coat of polymeric mortar applied with a trowel and pressed into concrete foundation walls. It protects the walls against various damage types and water leaks. Moreover, it offer various of aesthetic advantages. By choice, the parging can be beautified by acrylic finish coat or skillful brush-like trowel design. 

Edmonton‘s intense weather cycles of summer and winter cause constant pressure on the foundation walls. Because of this, over time cracks appear and cause potential water damage inside the building over time. If unattended, these cracks could lead to serious damage and become a heavy financial liability. To prevent these, you can trust our team of professionals with many years and projects to their name to provide you with a high quality and affordable parging Edmonton job. We are perfectionists, and will take every step to ensure that your building foundation is completely protected and gain an extra level of aesthetic beauty. 

After inspecting and deciding the type of service needed, we will make sure the level out the surface of your walls from concrete and iron bulges, and will fill every crack and hole with a parge coat. If necessary, for additional protection, flashings and water-proof adhesive tape will be applied on window and door frames. 

Parging can also be customized easily by applying various different designs. Most popular and aesthetic application is trowel stroke design that gives your home or office an elegant and quality look. Or if you’d like you have many acrylic finish coat color options to choose from. We will be more than happy to guide and help you choose the most suitable design for your needs. 

Below you can see a sample of two different parging styles. You can contact us through (587) 991 8422 or at or simply by filling the contact form to get your risk-free estimate.

parging on basement walls with trowel design
acrylic finish texture for parging

Quality Parging Repairs in Edmonton

Many old homes and buildings in Edmonton suffers from various cracks and damaged looks. These issues easily lead to some very problematic water leak related and aesthetic problems. The water that gets in during rainy days freezes when the temperature drops and cause the water to expand in existing cracks and holes. Over time, these holes get bigger and finally start damaging the interior of the building. 

If your concrete walls look damaged, has cracks and holes in it, it’s time to consider a parging repair to prevent a financial liability that is much expensive. With our expertise and perfectionist work ethic, we will make your concrete walls look brand new and elegant once again. Contact us today to get your risk-free estimate.

Professional Parging Contractor

From our experience, there are two main types of people who may need a parging service. First being people who require a better look on their homes and business spaces. When a building is finished, most builders leave the foundation walls as is. This causes major aesthetic problems. 

Considering the majority of houses and commercial buildings in Edmonton various wall cladding systems, a non-finished and exposed concrete wall between the ground and starting point of any given wall cladding has an unattractive look.

We gladly take on the job to make your home shine and give it a much better overall look. We are not only making your building aesthetically better, we make it much more durable for the extreme weather conditions in Edmonton and waterproof it for any potential leakages.

Secondly, for people who require repairs for their basement / foundation walls, parging is an excellent solution. Many of the buildings in Edmonton and surrounding areas are already decades old. And with time, if unattended the foundation walls crumble with external factors such as weather conditions, exposure to water and dirt. 

These issues could lead to critical problems such as water leakage. When water starts to leak, it doesn’t only destroy the interior drywall, struts, paint and insulation but also spreads around, therefore making the damage bigger and bigger over time.

We fill all the cracks and leakage points with a strong adhesive, then apply a specific parge cement coat to make the walls leveled and beautiful. Then, according to our clients’ wishes, we apply a texture on top or acrylic finish coat as a parge coat.

Cost of parging is relatively cheap compared to any other wall cladding systems while offering better benefits. It’s a skilled trade and we are extremely confident in our ability to provide you with amazing results. No matter what, the parge will stay strong for a long time, saving you from huge potential costs and repairs.

Increase the appeal and protection of your foundation with our parging services.

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