Parging and Stucco Over Concrete

Ideal solution for concrete walls. For better aesthetic appeal and protection.

A strong parge coat with fiberglass mesh with texture offers incredible aesthetic and protective benefits to concrete walls. Additionally, acrylic stucco over concrete provides the same benefits, if not more.

Whether it’s a residential home with concrete foundation walls and columns, or a commercial complex with a concrete garage entry, we offer our parging over concrete services at affordable prices with excellent quality.

Poured concrete walls might look extremely solid at first, however over the years, external factors such as weather, wind and rain wears down the walls. Cracks start to appear and walls start to fall off in pieces and crumble. To protect your walls against such hazards requires a protective coat.

We offer protection for concrete walls in two forms. First being the parging, we apply parge coat and decorate it with a california style texture. Additionally, acrylic stucco over concrete walls is a viable option as well. Offering excellent protection and smooth texture for beautification, stucco embedded with fiberglass mesh and completed with acrylic finish will offer protection and appeal for many years to come.

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