ICF Parging

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) offers advanced benefits. Strengthen it with our parging services.

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are gaining popularity and rising demand due to its insulation and protection advantages over regular concrete foundation systems. To describe it in a simple way, ICF is foundation walls covered in expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. 

It keeps your basement warmer. Additionally, it provides better protection against dirt, mold and insects. However, due to its nature, ICF requires a waterproofing covering.

Depending on the choice, we offer acrylic stucco or trowel parging texture over ICF. With acrylic stucco, you will have a smooth texture of a color of your choice. With regular parging texture, you can have gorgeous california style texture – comes in dark, light color tones.

Covering ICF foundation is a must for every property, whether it’s residential or commercial. Be it acrylic stucco on your parging or parge coat, waterproofing and protecting your concrete foundation walls are crucial. 

We offer ICF parging services at an affordable rate throughout greater Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas. Contact us at (587) 991-8422 or email us at info@solidacon.com


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