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Protect your foundation and basement with a fresh coat of parging. Budget friendly and effective.

If your parging is crumbling or simply falling off here and there, it’s not just an aesthetic problem that you can just ignore and hope for the best. In fact, it’s a major issue that requires a solution before it causes potential water leaks and molds. 

Whether you notice cracks appearing on your existing parging or a water leak in your basement, we advise you to get an expert opinion on the matter for a parging repair Edmonton service. When your parging fails to do its intended job, it can cause major problems. 

Contrary to common belief, concrete foundation walls are vulnerable and if they were to get exposed to external conditions such as weather, rain, snow and dirt for too long, they start to crumble and expose your basement to potential leaks.

Majority of pargings on older buildings and homes in Edmonton and Alberta in general does not have necessary qualifications for a protective parge. Most of the time, due to wrong choice of materials or ineffective installation cause pargings to fall off.

At Solida, it’s not only our duty to repair your parging. We also make sure that you will not need a new parge installation for many years to come. We only use the right materials, with the right mixture. And to top it off, we apply california style texture or acrylic stucco texture according to client’s wishes. 

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