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Stucco & Parging Repair Spruce Grove

Many old homes and buildings in Spruce Grove, Alberta suffer from various cracks and damages. These issues could lead to water leaks and aesthetic problems. The water that gets in during rainy days freezes when the temperature drops and cause the water to expand in existing cracks and holes. Over time, these holes get bigger and finally start damaging the interior of the building. 

This is especially true for concrete foundation walls. Basement walls might seem strong at first but when they are exposed to rain, snow, dirt and ice for too long, they tend to get cracks and cause leaks. 

Parging is an excellent way to protect foundation. Not only it provides aesthetic appeal, it also provides excellent protection against external hazards.

If your parge coat is falling off, chipping away or have cracks, it might be a good idea to start parging replacement. We provide new parging & parging repair services in Spruce Grove.

Additionally, we provide stucco repair services such as the following; texture & color match, water damage repair, bird damage, chimney repair and caulking.

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