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The Perfect Exterior Wall Cladding Option For Home Owners

Owning a home requires great deal of effort and investment. Especially in a city such as Edmonton which has relatively harsh weather conditions, a house requires additional thinking and consideration in regards to insulation and protection. A viable solution would be the EIFS stucco systems. Gaining popularity in Northern Europe in the 1960s, EIFS provides excellent cost-effective protection to your home while increasing its aesthetic appeal and value. It can be said it took over the California Finish stucco systems in the last decade in Edmonton and surrounding areas, in fact, throughout Alberta and Canada in general.

For many people, a house is not just a building. It’s the investment of a life time, a place they call home and a legacy that will pass on to children in the future. Considering the huge effect of owning a house in a person’s life, it is wise to take the extra step to understand the wall cladding system that would optimally cover and provide protection to your home in its entire lifespan.

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We at Solida Construction will be more than happy to provide you with our excellent EIFS Stucco installation. Please Contact Us today to discuss and get your free estimate. We also offer various stucco repair services to help you restore and beautify your property.

A Combination of Unique Beauty and Protection

EIFS Stucco offers many advantages and benefits compared to other common wall cladding systems. 

INSULATION – Exterior and interior walls are one of the biggest sources in regards to a building’s heat and air conditioning performance levels. Continuous insulation, namely EPS, used in EIFS Stucco application can contribute and drastically increase heat and energy savings and increase energy efficiency. Additionally, thanks to the incredible and sophisticated drainage system that EIFS offers, which helps eliminating moisture before it has a chance to enter the building, it provides one of the best water-resistant exterior systems on the market available today.

DURABILITY – By its relatively flexible and strong nature, EIFS offers incredible protection against cracking, fading and various weather effects. Due to its acrylic finish color coat which is integral to the finish coat, scratches are almost unnoticeable. While the common wall cladding systems such as brick, block, siding and boards tend to be defenseless against yellowing, chalking or fading, EIFS can withstand easily to these. It doesn’t minimal maintenance or repainting and can be easily cleaned with water alone. Moreover, it’s highly resistant to mold and dirt. EIFS is also flexible, protecting the walls against expansion due to temperature change which contributes to cracking.

AESTHETIC APPEAL – EIFS offers countless design and style possibilities thanks to its application process and foam based insulation that it uses. Trims, mouldings and channel reveals can be applied to meet any unique need. With a unique design on your own, it’s no longer a dream for your home to stand out with your taste in the neighbourhood and community. Having a choice to choose from 100+ colors and various texture styles, it’s easily to modify your home’s outer appearance and appeal. Our team at Solida Construction is extremely experienced and skilled in providing you with unique design and style choices. 

EIFS Application Process

  • Flashing installments on above ground and above door & window frames
  • Water-proof seal tapes around window & door frames and on upper-side of flashings
  • A water and air resistive barrier (WRB) is applied on the walls and covers every stucco area
  • A drainage plane between the WRB and insulation board (EPS or cement board) with vertical ribbons of adhesive cement mix
  • Insulation boards, typically EPS (expanded polystyrene), commonly known as foam, secured either with adhesive cement mix or mechanical fasteners
  • Glass fiber reinforcing mesh embedded in the base coat
  • A water resistant base coat with an additional skim coat on top
  • Primer to strengthen the liveliness of the color
  • A designer finish coat is applied in the final stage
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