Retrofitting Stucco Services in Edmonton

Ideal solution to achieve lower energy consumption and aesthetic appeal while staying within budget.

Many of the older buildings in Edmonton, whether they are residential or commercial, were not constructed and designed with lower energy consumption and long-lasting life span in mind. Moreover, considering the various damages and weather effects taking their toll on the stucco systems, a lot of these old buildings lost their aesthetic appeal quite some ago. If the damage is not excessively harmful, there is no real need to take on a huge financial liability to remove, clean and install a new wall cladding system. Our team at Solida will be more than happy to come in and provide excellent retrofitting stucco services to save you money, time and disturbance.

In today’s world, aesthetic appeal mean a lot. The opportunity of cost hurts many businesses and commercial buildings alike simply because they lack to appeal to their respective potential customers and tenants. Same logic applies to many of the residential home owners as well, if you have a property that has been built more than 30 years ago, chances are that it looks unappealing at the least. With our retrofit services, you can change the entire exterior look on your building, whether its residential or commercial while staying within budget and not sacrificing square footage.

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Retrofitting stucco by definition includes adding and fitting stucco -mainly EIFS stucco– on top of old wall cladding systems such as stonework, brick or old stucco systems.

It provides many benefits including; increase in property value, energy efficiency and crack/damage repair of various levels. By trusting us to handle your retrofit needs, we offer minimal disruption and inconvenience to tenants and customers.

If you are a property owner or manager who is having a hard time dealing with maintenance costs and aesthetic issues, the concept of retrofitting probably has certain appeal that you can’t ignore. Leave it to our experienced and skilled team to meet all your needs and provide you with excellent results.

Benefits of Retrofitting Your Home or Building

  • High improvement of energy consumption and efficiency
  • Aesthetic appeal and retaining the character of the building with limitless design and color choices
  • Protection from water and weather related hazards and damages
  • Increase in property value
  • Increase in appeal to potential tenants and customers

Many existing structures and buildings in Edmonton and surrounding areas such as St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Red Deer and Stony Plain have exterior wall cladding systems that are not necessarily effective when it comes to energy efficiency and water protection. A retrofit stucco service provided by Solida can dramatically increase efficiency on aforementioned issues and give you a piece of mind for a lifetime. We offer our retrofit and restoration services on following exterior cladding systems;

  • Masonry wall claddings – Brick, Block and Stonework
  • Aluminum and asphalt siding
  • Wood boards
  • Weather boards
  • Hardie boards

Increase the appeal and protection of your building with retrofit.

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