Stone Dash Stucco Repair

Pebbledash Stucco Repairs in Edmonton

Pebbledash finish, commonly known as stone dash stucco, is a layer of shingle (pebbles, little stones) thrown onto the wet coat of cement layer so that it sticks. It became quite popular in 50s and 60s in Canada for itss water protective and cost effective benefits.

For most people, pebbledash finish is a hit or miss, meaning you either love it or hate it. From our experience in the plastering industry, the system and texture lost its appeal in today’s market with acrylic finish systems and EIFS, however considering the huge amount of residential properties with stone dash finish in Edmonton and Alberta in general, it still requires maintenance and attention.

pebble dash repair edmonton
stone dash stucco repair edmonton

A pebbledash finish wall looks fairly nice and well but unfortunately, once it starts losing the pebbles in time, the unpainted and unprotected mortar underneath is exposed. Soaking rain water over the years, and expansion and shrinkage of the walls due to freezing and hot temperature changes cause cracks and hollow patches.

If left unattended, the issues get worse and can easily cause water damage to the structure, leading to huge financial liability. Problem with this type of texture is, even with repair and patching, it’s almost impossible to achieve the same dash. New pebbledash texture looks brand new and relatively shiny compared to the decades old texture around the house.

If the patch and/or repair area is small, we can easily provide a cheap and efficient solution. However, if the repair area is big, cracks appearing all over the structure, we recommend a retrofit which is affordable and efficient for many years to come.

From our experience, many of our clients choose to go with rendering of the walls, then applying a fresh coat of cement base-coat reinforced with fiberglass mesh, then a acrylic finish coat of a preferred color.

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