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Stucco is one of the most popular wall cladding systems in Edmonton and Alberta in general due to incredible benefits such as; overall protection, aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. With the acrylic finish coat systems and EIFS getting more and more popular throughout the province, it’s possible to choose from over 100 colors to increase a building’s exterior wall appeal. 

Often times, people require a facelift and a new look to increase the appeal of their homes or buildings. As one of the leading stucco contractors in Edmonton, we at Solida are proud to offer our excellent stucco painting services at a reasonable cost.

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Stucco paint Edmonton
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There are few reasons that people are looking to repaint their exterior stucco walls. Due to harsh weather conditions in Edmonton, mainly because of dramatic temperature change between the seasons, the stucco walls are exposed to extreme weather effects. Over the years, these effects make the finish texture look old and aged more than it should. Strong winds, heavy rainfall and snow is the leading reasons of such results. For people who are looking to sell their homes or properties and looking for an efficient and budget-friendly solution to increase the appeal of their building, stucco painting is the optimal solution.

Additionally, if you realize the hairline cracks appearing in your exterior stucco walls, it’s always a good idea to get them repaired. But what if you could repair them and facelift your home at the same time? We use acrylic-latex paint, a water-based product with acrylic binders that can easily adhere to both uneven and rough wall surfaces. The paint products that we use to paint stucco walls acts as a bridge, meaning that it covers over the cracks. It’s flexible and last a long time. (Minimum 15 years)

Cost of Stucco Painting

Compared to EIFS or California finish stucco systems, or even re-doing the stucco or retrofitting your building, stucco painting offers a much better cost efficient solution. The cost however, cannot be predetermined before checking and understanding the issues. Take advantage of our free estimating and contact us today to get your free quote. Please continue reading to learn more about the potential cost and process of stucco painting in Edmonton.

Stucco paint should be rolled and/or brushed on to the substrate. Spray paint should be only used for fine finishing such as detailed mouldings and trims. However, both options usually requires scaffold building or ladder usage depending on the height of the property.

Since every stucco type has a lot of folds and crevices on its surface due to its texture, stucco painting requires a lot more paint than interior wall painting. In our experience, if we take a regular 2 story-1800 square foot home as an example, assuming the exterior walls are completely stucco, it will take around 40 gallons of paint product, which is 2400$-2800$ in retail terms. In can go up to 60 gallons and more for a single house in Edmonton depending on the size, texture and stucco type.

Benefits of Stucco Painting

Choosing to increase the appeal and facelift your home or your building has many benefits such as the following;

Our team at Solida Construction are stucco painting specialists in Edmonton, Alberta. Take advantage of our free estimating and contact us at (587) 991-8422 or email us at No job is too big or too small for us, and we are more than happy to provide a free quote for all your projects.


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