Stucco Eating Bird Damage Repairs in Edmonton

Woodpecker Damage in Stucco

Some bird species, mostly the northern flickers and gilded flickers, like to peck and build their nest through the stucco of the buildings and homes in Edmonton, Alberta. The main cause for this issue is that these birds cannot tell the difference between an exterior stucco cladding and dead trees. When the birds realize the hollow sound of the stucco, they instinctively begin pecking. The holes they made can easily cause the water penetration to both exterior and interior structure of your home and/or building. If you are suffering from woodpecker damage, it is a good idea to consider stucco repair services in Edmonton.

woodpecker bird damage, holes on stucco

Unfortunately, traditional cement stucco (California finish) or EIFS do not offer a throughout protection against these birds. Therefore, when the birds dig a hole into your building, the structure is exposed to the potential water damage, molds and pests. Even though the damage from woodpeckers can be prevented by implementing protective measures such as; motion activated sprinklers to keep the birds away or hanging metallic strips which will scare away the birds by making noise, if the damage is done already, it’s better to repair it before it causes major problems in the future.

There are systems available for stucco wall cladding systems that are extremely effective against birds. If your home or building is an area that gets frequent visits from woodpecker and stucco eating birds, we recommend resurfacing the existing wall cladding system with ShieldIt from Dryvit. It offers the same benefits with EIFS stucco with a much harder base-coat layer. Providing over 175x point impact resistance, this system easily repels the woodpeckers and similar birds.

woodpecker stucco in Edmonton
stucco bird damage edmonton

Throughout Alberta and British Columbia, we have helped many homeowners and property managers with their woodpecker related stucco damage problems. If you’re suffering from stucco eating birds, please contact us at (587) 991 8422 or email us at for your free estimate and consultation.


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