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People who are managing any given construction and renovation projects know that it’s a sophisticated and complex process. From a simple garage construction to a multi-unit residence, construction process requires various levels of critical paths and project charters, and most of all, effective adaptation to any form of circumstances and potential issues.

We at Solida Construction fully understand the responsibilities and roles of builders and developers in residential and commercial projects. As tradespeople who take pride in their work, we will be more than happy to provide you with top quality exterior wall systems. Fall protection, boom lift, first aid tickets are available for each crew member. Daily hazard assessments, work assessments, and breakdown structure will be handed to the site office each day. We tailor our services to meet your standards and needs so you can have an ease of mind and save time.

Through our stucco applications, you can rest easy knowing that the results will be more than satisfactory. Our experienced and skilled team of 15+ years will provide you with the best quality services.

Our effective service applications will help you achieve factors such as;

Importance of Exterior Wall Systems in Edmonton

For many people, the aesthetic value of stucco is what gives them a lasting impression of a project. This potentially results in increase in property value and aesthetic appeal on various forms thanks to mainly EIFS Stucco’s limitless design possibilities.

However, there is more to exterior wall systems such as stucco applications than meets the eye. Especially in a city like Edmonton, Alberta which has a harsh winter, the effects on weather could be catastrophic on many wall cladding systems in the long term. With the many benefits of EIFS Stucco, the potential hazardous elements which could have an impact on building’s both exterior and interiors are eliminated in the beginning. With a potential lifetime over 80+ years, our stucco applications provide excellent results which require minimal maintenance in the upcoming decades.

Benefits of EIFS stucco applications include but not limited to;

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