We provide Stucco Repair and Improvement Services in Greater Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Stucco Applications to Enhance and Stucco Repairs to Restore Your Building

Many of the commercial buildings and condominiums in Edmonton were built decades ago and potentially exposed to various external and internal hazards and damages. We at Solida Construction offer Stucco Repair and Retrofit Stucco Services to commercial property managers and condominium board/association members who are looking to upgrade and/or repair their respective buildings.

We do understand the responsibility on your shoulders to make decisions in regards to your building’s maintenance. We will be more than happy to work with you within your budget and requirements to satisfy your needs.

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Efficiently managing a building which requires maintenance can be difficult. Satisfying everyone while staying within budget is quite the hard task. If your building has water leakage and similar issues or stucco related problems, take advantage of our free estimate option. In case the budget provided is non-sufficient for a complete re-do or retrofit service, you can take advantage of our free estimation option and choose to solve the most immediate and critical stucco and related issues.

Let us help you find a solution for immediate issues that may potentially hurt your property;

As it’s your responsibility to take care and maintenance your respective property, you might find a sensible and effective solution in the stucco services offered by Solida Construction. Modifications, appearance improvements or stucco repairs can provide effective results that will satisfy the repair and maintenance needs of the building and/or the desires of its tenants and occupants.

Take Advantage of Multiple Benefits of Our Stucco Services

With age, multi complexes and structures start requiring more repairs and maintenance requirements. Even with common and regular maintenance efforts, these multi-unit properties has a snowball effect on small issues, which in time lead to huge financial liability and discomfort among tenants. Additionally, the damage -caused by natural forces, weather conditions or man-made- can lead to aesthetic issues that require action.

Common issues on such properties and buildings include but not limited to;

All the aforementioned issues should be an important concern that requires action, sooner than later in order to prevent future widespread damage. If the issues in regards to stucco and exterior walls left unchecked, it may be a huge financial liability that might cause a huge distress in the future. 

If the property has problems that cannot be fixed with a simple repair, we recommend our Retrofit services. Depending on the situation, we will install a brand new EIFS Stucco application on your walls to fix all your immediate issues and provide you with amazing short- and long-term benefits. Take a look at our EIFS Stucco Services to learn more about its benefits. Additionally, you can check our California Finish stucco services to understand and gain more knowledge in regards to old stucco systems.

If you are interested in maintaining and/or repairing your commercial property or multi-unit residence building, give us a call to get your free estimation and quote at (587) 991 8422 or email us at info@solidacon.com.


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