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Stucco Homes Provide Aesthetic and Cost Effective Solutions

Whether you’re thinking of changing the exterior of your home or constructing a new home of your dreams, finding a wall system that would provide protective efficiency, aesthetic appeal and cost effectiveness is no longer an issue. Stucco wall systems in general, especially exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) offers many advantages over other wall cladding systems. Considering the value of your investment, stucco generates lower maintenance costs in the long run while increasing the value of your property. With our skilled and experienced team at Solida Construction, we take pride in helping you upgrade the look and value of your home.

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Various stucco applications by Solida Construction can be installed on exterior and/or interior of your home, accomplishing amazing performance and efficient solutions. Moreover, a unique combination of aesthetically appealing features with cost savings in both short and long terms in regards to high energy efficiency, maintenance and durability.

Aesthetic Benefits of Stucco Homes in Edmonton

Upgrading or building your home with stucco as an exterior wall system provides many aesthetic advantages. It creates a distinctive character that can be quite appealing yet quite personalized and unique in your taste among your neighbourhood and/or community.

Stucco installments by Solida Construction crew can present several aesthetic advantages including:

Without having an impact on interior, stucco can be applied on both new properties or old buildings that need improvements or facelift. Due to high energy performance that stucco offers, you will realize lesser energy bills. This is especially important with EIFS stucco. Up to 84% more efficient than common wall claddings, EIFS stucco offers higher R-value than most exterior systems.

Choosing an exterior system that can give you edge in both aesthetic and performance improvements is an investment that could effect the future of your house. Whether you are building a house, renovating your home or looking for a change of wall cladding system, our stucco applications can help you solve all your issues and provide you with a home that will see an increase in both value and efficiency. For your no-obligation, risk free quote, please call us at (587) 991 8422 or email at info@solidacon.com 


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