Acrylic and EIFS Stucco Repair

EIFS & Acrylic Stucco Repairs in Edmonton

As a wall cladding system, EIFS and acrylic finish offer every bit of advantage that a traditional stucco offers with additional benefits and protection. However, like most interior and exterior walls, EIFS as well might get damaged due to various reasons. As one of the top quality stucco contractors in Edmonton and Alberta in general, we at Solida are more than happy to use our experience and skills to repair any and every EIFS stucco related issues. From a simple patching to excessive stucco restoration, we work within budget and efficiently. Below you will find possible EIFS stucco issues that require repair services;

  • Small holes in EIFS

If you noticed small holes in your stucco walls, chances are that they are caused by some type of impact damage, hails, physical damage, woodpeckers etc. Depending on your requirements and building’s needs, we provide different repair services for this particular service. We recommend a budget-friendly patch or a new base-coat, finish coat application for that particular wall section. 

  • Impact damage on the walls

Impact damage on stucco can result from landscaping activities, vandalism, severe hail, car crash, tool hits, etc. Depending on the size of the repair, we apply a simple patch or do section stucco restoration ( for fairly big damages) or apply a fresh base-coat and finish coat.

  • Corner damage

Corner damage may be caused by impact from objects such as cars, tools and carts. Recommended repair procedure includes, patching, foam install, new corner application or new moulding application depending on the repair size.

  • Cracks in reveals 

This type of damage can be caused by building movement, excessive base-coat fill in the reveals or wrong mesh installation. We  recommend simple sealant installation in the crack area, patching, and new coat of finish coat depending on the size of the repair.

  • Cracks in stucco

Cracks in EIFS stucco walls can occur due to structural movement, water penetration or wrong stucco application. Cracks should be taken seriously and require immediate attention. If left unattended, cracks can easily lead to water damage in both exterior and interior substrate. After inspecting and understanding the damage, we offer various repair services depending on the damage size and importance.

  • Cracks at corners of doors, windows and air conditioners

Cracks in these areas can occur due to structural movement, water and moisture penetration or improper stucco application. Similar to aforementioned “cracks in stucco”, these cracks usually require immediate attention and fixing to prevent future liabilities.

  • Bulges and cracks at or near the floor line

Bulges, blisters and cracks can appear at or near the floor line on stucco walls due to movement shifts of the structure. A newly built building tend to sink into the ground by inches over the years and these bulges and cracks can be easily countered by having joints and reveals on the stucco walls. Additionally, flashing installation over the ground level could prevent shrinkage of the stucco. 

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