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Portland Cement Stucco Repair in Edmonton

Portland Cement Stucco, commonly known as California Finish Stucco is a three coat-cement stucco system that gained immense popularity both in U.S and Canada. Historically, Portland cement finish texture and style has been used as an exterior “finish” texture and wall cladding. However, within the two (2) decades, acrylic finish has become more common compared to cement finish.

Considering the weather conditions in Edmonton and Alberta in general, this stucco system lost its competition to the new stucco siding systems due to additional and improved benefits in regards to energy efficiency and overall protection. Even though it’s also an excellent wall cladding system, cement stucco in general might cause problems for both residential and commercial properties.

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The possible issues might be related to variety of factors such as;

  • Water damage from leaking roofs
  • Water leakage from pipes
  • Stucco cracks appearing due to expansion of walls because of seasonal temperature change (hot-cold)
  • Holes in stucco
  • Poor stucco installation
  • Bad material usage
  • Incorrect flashing applications
  • Physical damage

Our team at Solida Construction is a highly skilled and experienced contractor for all stucco repairs in Edmonton. No job is too big or too small for us and we provide affordable, efficient and quick repairs, patches and fixes all around greater Edmonton and surrounding areas such as St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, Stony Plain, Sylvan Lake and Red Deer.

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