Stucco Blistering and Bubbling Repair in Edmonton

Stucco Blisters and Bubbling Surface

Usually, the most common cause of blistering and/or bubbling of stucco wall surfaces is water and moisture getting behind the finish. Water accumulates at a particular spot, soften the finish and stucco material over time, pressuring the finish coat to blister. Moreover, it might cause stucco to come apart if the stucco application was applied in a weak fashion initially.

Blistering and bubbling of stucco surface indicates major problems and requires immediate action. It means that the cracks in stucco accumulated water and pressured the stucco surface to the point of bubbling. This indicates a possible water and moisture damage in stucco is already present and could potentially lead to major problems such as mold, rot and interior damage over time. Considering the weather conditions in Edmonton and Alberta in general, the problem will persist and grow in time if unchecked. The wave look on stucco is also indicates that there is a blistering issue that requires attention.

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