Stucco Water and Moisture Damage Repairs

Water Damage Stucco Repair in Edmonton

Stucco in general is an extremely efficient and protective system that shields your home or building against many hazards and damage types. However, often times due to improper installation, water damage can be seen in both residential and commercial properties. This issue should be taken very seriously since it can cost the owners or property managers thousands of dollars. As a thumb rule, you need to identify water damaged stucco early on to prevent catastrophic liabilities in the future.

water leak and moisture damage repair on stucco

Often times, water damaged stucco is caused by incorrectly installed flashing. Flashing is a piece of metal that is installed on the roofs, on/under windows and on doors to prevent water from getting into the joints in the structure and frame of your home and/or building. 

Wrong stucco installation can also play a major role in various water and moisture stucco damage. Depending on the application process on wooden or fiberglass lath, the protective barrier’s efficiency might get weaker over time.

Finally, cracks can also cause water damage in stucco. Cracks, also known as stress cracks, in stucco is caused by a lot of factors. These factors includes; wall expansion due to temperature change, direct impact, physical damage or strong winds.

wrong flashing installation caused stucco water damage
stucco water damage repair
water damaged stucco

Spotting Water Damage in Stucco

Often times, the most basic signs are the most important ones. Even though it’s extremely hard to find water damage in its initial stage without a proper inspection which includes cutting and checking the surface beneath, you can still check your walls for the following signs for potential water and moisture damage in your stucco.

Stucco tears should be the first sign that you should look for on your walls. It tells you that there is moisture damage in your walls. This moisture damage might cause or already caused possible mold, mildew or rot in your walls. If unattended, the damage will spread to your interior over time and will cause major financial liability. Check the pictures below for examples of a “stucco tear”.

stucco tears water damage edmonton
stucco tears in Edmonton

If the water damage is excessive and beyond repair, we recommend our retrofitting services. It will not only provide your entire building with a new layer of stucco, it will also fix the issues that are already present.

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