What Is Parging?


Parging is the process of applying a portland-cement, sand and water (and liquid based acrylic for extra protection) based mix over a wall surface such as; concrete foundation walls, brick walls, concrete-blocks, interior basement walls. For a lot of people, a parge coat is decorative however, it also serves as a protective layer for foundations.

Over time, weather related hazards such as snow, ice, rain and external factors such as dirt, pollution and mold will tear away the seemingly strong exposed concrete foundations and cause it to crumble and fall apart. With each passing year, small cracks and holes that seem unimportant at first can cause major structural failures and leaks caused by a weak foundation. A parging coat, when mixed and applied correctly, can prevent this situation and act as a protection against aforementioned hazards.

An old house in Stettler, Alberta. Exposed foundation led to leaks and structural failures.
After Solida Construction. Complete foundation repair and fresh parging.

Parging is not considered to be a DIY project. However, if you have experience with a trowel and feel confident that you can get the right mixture with the right steps during installation, you can repair small cracks and holes yourself. If the repair or installation requirement is bigger than a simple crack repair however, we recommend that you hire a professional for good results. Parge is often ignored and seemed as an aesthetic addition, however, it’s a vital point and source of protection for any property that should be taken seriously. For your parging related questions and needs, feel free to contact us. We serve greater Edmonton and surrounding areas in central Alberta.



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