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Stucco & Parging Repair in Whitecourt, Alberta

Due to external hazards such as rain, snow, ice or dirt, or simply because of poor workmanship and wrong installation, you might have noticed cracks in your parging or realized that your parge is falling apart. These issues might seem unimportant at first, however, if left unattended, they might cause serious problems such as water leaks. Concrete foundation walls might seem strong and durable at first, but when they are exposed too long to aforementioned hazards, they tend to lose the durability and start cracking.

We offer new parging and parging repair services in Whitecourt, Alberta. Whether it’s acrylic stucco on concrete wall, icf parging, new parge or parging repair we make sure to satify all your needs.

Additionally, we provide various stucco repair services. If your stucco has water damage, woodpecker & stucco eating bird damage, blistering or stucco color fading away, we can help solve all your issues.

The services we offer are;

– New parge installation

Parging repair

ICF parging



– Acrylic stucco repair

– Water damage repair

– Chimney repair

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